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We never thought this day would happen so soon!!

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 our plans have had to change quite dramatically, we have all had to react and adapt and launching our website before the new year is us doing exactly that.

Originally we were all set for markets, farmers markets and the firm favourite, Christmas markets but due to Covid-19 for the month of November, buying ceramics has been deemed non-essential which means only food can be sold on the markets. So that meant we had to put all of our focus into the only way which we could continue to reach people - the trusty internet.

Its been a big learning curve as we have created the website ourselves without the support of a web designer - we definitely know how to make it difficult for ourselves here at The Wirksworth Pottery Company. We hope you like the layout and find it very user friendly, we would love to hear your opinion!!!

Fingers crossed its well received, we're just so happy to be able to share with you something which has been a dream for a very long time.


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