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  • Why is my product making a pinging noise?
    This means your product has a crackle glaze on - the pinging noise comes from the glaze contracting as the product cools. There isn't a specific time frame in which the pot will stop making a 'ping' sound, sometimes it can continue for the duration of the pots lifetime. Crackle glazes don't have to be used on pots, however there is something beautiful about them that means we keep manufacturing products with crackle glazes on. Please dont be alarmed, its normal.
  • If I order several of the same item will they be identical?
    As everything is handmade there will unfortuantely always be slight variation, although we always aim to pick items which are as identical to each other as possible. However, as there is variation, it means that each piece you own is unique.
  • If I order a bespoke product, how long will it take to arrive?"
    This will be discussed with you directly, dependant upon what you order and if it requires new glaze development. You will also be updated frequently about progress.
  • What if i havent recieved my refund after 14 days of returning an item?
    We aim to hit our targets of 14 days refund after a return, however if you find that this doesnt happen - please contact us directly and we will rectify this as soon as possible,
  • If an item is SOLD OUT, how long does it take to replenish stock?"
    As everything is hand made, it can take a while for us to re-build stock - up to 4 - 6 weeks. However, if there is something specific and you can't wait until stock is replenished, please fill out a query form on the 'Bespoke' page and we will try and make it especially for you as soon as we can.
  • My product has small cracks all over it - is that normal?
    Yes!!! That is our signature crackle glaze, this is created by playing around with compression between the glaze and the pot. We try to make sure that the crackle is visible on our imagery as well as include it in our descriptions so it's not a surprise when your product arrives. However, if it is not what you were expecting we either hope you love it as much as we do or simply return it and get a refund.
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