Shop our range of handmade tableware, perfectly sized bowls for dessert, soup or breakfast. 

The tableware range is to expand later on in the year with pasta bowls, side plates and dinner plates. Scroll down for a sneak peek! 

As each piece is handmade there are slight variations from piece to piece. When buying multiple of the same item, we make sure that the pieces are hand chosen to be as identical as possible. 


Coming Winter 2021

We've been working on full dinnerware sets but we're just not quite where we want to be with the glaze development technical side of things. Here's a sneak peek at one of the ranges we will be launching, we hoope you like it.


We really appreciate your support! We also love to see where the pots end up so please tag us on Instagram with your new item.




We are sorry our packaging is plastic heavy but we recycle our packaging from local businesses so it doesn't get thrown away, we hope you can also follow on and reuse it for something else.